Rottweiler intake filter systems


Rottweiler intake filter systems for different KTM models


The Rottweiler Intake System is the only foam element system on the market today that actually adds a proven 8-15 horsepower to your KTM 990, 950, 1190 or 1290 depending on model size and tune. Created by the demand for an induction system that utilizes a multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just through the sides, the Rottweiler Intake System is the most cost effective solution to substantially increase horsepower, add serviceability, and reduce the weight of certain models a full 3.6 lbs (1.6KG). Power increases of 10% are common.

  • Fixes the dreaded air-box failures of the 2014 1190 and 1290 models while increasing HP. A win-win.
  • The most cost effective horsepower gains on the market. About 30.00 to 40.00 Dlls per horsepower compared to 100.00 to 200.00 Dlls for an aftermarket exhaust.
  • Possible better fuel mileage with a proper mapping or jetting.
  • Dramatically reduces the jerky "On / Off" throttle response of the big twin. Much more manageable response.
  • Full multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just the sides, aiding in air velocity optimization and overall filter surface area.
  • The outer layers of foam provide optimum filtration and load-up capacity while the inner layer is made of special self extinguishing filter foam. Together, they give the best combination for air flow, engine protection and safety.
  • Specially made composite base plate weighs in at 1/2 that of aluminum materials and significantly reduces the transfer of engine heat by reflecting it away rather than absorbing and transferring the heat back into the engine like aluminum based filter units. Intake temperatures measured on a 2008 Super Duke have yet to exceed 50 C (122F) on a typical 32 C (90 F) day ride.
  • No tools needed once the fuel tank is removed to change or clean the air filter. 2 quarter turn "D" ring fasteners and it's out in seconds.
  • Fiber reinforced nylon injection molded frame forms the structure on which the multi layer foam elements are bonded.
  • Weight reduction of 1.6 KG (3.5 LBS) just by replacing the stock airbox with the "Rottweiler Intake System"
  • Removal of the stock air box frees up an enormous amount of space in front of the filter that can be used for accessory storage like HID ballasts, tuning modules and such that were previously difficult to package.
  • Serviceability of the throttle bodies becomes drastically less difficult to tune.
  • High quality double seal Buna-N "X" rings seal off the throttle bodies completely.
  • Adds a wicked sound that while docile at cruising, barks with authority when cracked open.
  • All necessary hardware included.
  • The Rottweiler Intake System allows the user to add 8-15 horsepower (depending on model), drop 3.6 lbs on 950 and 990 models, add the convenience of interchangeable pre filters, take the "jerk" out of the power band and un-clutters the engine compartment, all in one clean package.

    The long awaited fix for the failing stock KTM airbox is here! The Rottweiler Intake System has proven itself thousands of times over to be the #1 intake system for all KTM big twins by making (by far) the most horsepower, allowing the fastest and easiest filter services, keeping the cleanest intake charge and being the lightest weight kit available. Now we have brought this successful intake system to the new 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke with the results KTM owners have become used to. Perfection. Don't let the stock airbox blues get you down, the Rottweiler Intake System for the 1190 and 1290s is here and makes it's usual big gains.

    Stage 1 Kit: (See other stage kits for more savings when grouped. See paragraph 2)

  • 1 Rottweiler Series Dome Filter Element
  • 1 fiber reinforced base plate adaptor
  • 1 air duct bracket
  • 1 heat and debris deflector shield
  • Hardware
  • Instructions
  • 2 / 5 mil Rottweiler Performance stickers

  • Stage 2 Kit:

  • Full Stage 1 Kit
  • + TVS-80-59 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (1)

  • Stage 3 Kit: (Save on cash with higher stage kits. Skip this option if you are purchasing a Powercommander. See paragraph 4)

  • Full Stage 1 Kit +
  • + TVS-80-59 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (1)
  • + Rottweiler Fueling Dongles (Pair. See below.)

  • Stage 4 Kit: Most Gains

  • Full Stage 1 Kit
  • + TVS-80-59 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (1)
  • + 18-018 Powercommander V

  • Items that compliment this intake kit:

    SAS Removal Kits

    Powercommander V

    Tuned Velocity Stacks

    Notes, suggestions and precautions:

    1. These do not come pre oiled for shipping purposes. We reccomend No Toil Oiling kits for both our intake filters and pre filters.

    2. It is recommended (but not entirely necessary) that the SAS system be removed when installing a Rottweiler Intake System. See our SAS Stage Kits for options. If you skip the SAS removal options you will need to install a small filter where the SAS used to pull clean air from the stock airbox. These are commonly available but keeping the SAS is not common. See the Stage kits for reasons and explanations of what they do.

    3. This 'Stage 1' kit requires trimming the rear velocity stack by 20 millimeters. While this works quite well for power and use, our Stage 2 option includes a more optimal TVS-80-59 billet velocity stack which is a 'Tuned' bell-mouth replacement. This would be considered by tuning engineers as a more 'proper' setup for maximizing air flow and power outputs. These can also be purchased separately if the user prefers to tune with velocity stack lengths front and rear. You will NOT lose torque with these stacks. See dyno chart.

    4. Installation of the Rottweiler Intake System on an Adventure 1190 test bike has been tested to stay within very safe air fuel ratios with completely stock mapping at sea level. Air Fuel Ratios (AFRs) tested averaged out around 13.5 consistently with no mapping added. That being said, we can in no way guarantee that every motorcycle will perform the same way although it is very likely. We would suggest the use of our 'Rottweiler Fueling Dongles' to bump up your low end air fuel ratios by .5 to 1 point. Your stock ECU (on every KTM twin) uses 2 different maps to pass EPA standards. What this means it that below 5000 RPM and 20% throttle, your ECU is in what is called 'Closed Loop' mode which causes it to 'listen' to the stock narrow band O2s and other measuring devices and keep the low end as close to 14.7 AFR as possible. This is what causes the surging and 'jerkiness' of most 990's. The Rottweiler Fueling Dongles send a preset signal back to the stock ECU that causes it to send fuel closer to 13.8 AFR in closed loop mode which is much closer in transition to the rest of the mapping above that. We have found that your average AFRs stay .5 to 1 full point lower with these dongles. If you plan on purchasing a Powercommander unit to maximize the result of your Rottweiler Intake System, it comes with these dongles and you will not need to purchase them separately. If you do not want a Powercommander at this time, the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles are a great way to smooth out power deliver and they are plug and play.

    TVS-80-54 (2013/14 Adv) / 59 Series (2014 SD)

    The Rottweiler Performance 'TVS-80' Velocity Stacks are a tuned billet intake bell that allow the user a different length and bell mouth shape option in tuning their Adventure 1190 and Super Duke 1290. (Included in Stage 2 1190/1290 kits)

    The Rottweiler Performance 'TVS-80' velocity stacks perform a number of important tasks. First, they act as a perfect complement to the Rottweiler Intake System for the 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke as the rear stack is too tall for the Rottweiler Intake Kits. (See stage 2 kits for savings) Second, they are the first and only 'tuned shape' offering of velocity stacks sizes for the user that wants more options in velocity stack lengths at 20mm shorter than stock and a properly tuned bell mouth shape. For decades tuners in every corner of the motorsports community have been playing with velocity stack lengths and shapes and the TVS-80 series of billet 6061Type II anodized velocity stacks is the perfect answer.

    The 'TVS-80' Velocity Stacks are designed as an addition to the 'Stage 2' intake kits for the Adventure 1190 and Super Duke 1290 as the stock velocity stacks are too long to fit into the rear of the intake kit. This leave 2 options, 1. The user must trim 25mm off of their stock plastic velocity stack. This can be done easily with a hack saw. 2. We offer a much nicer and from a technical standpoint, better 'tuned' intake bell shape with the TVS-80 series of velocity stacks. They also double as an added option for tuners that want to play with different velocity stack heights.

    The Rottweiler Performance 'Fueling Dongles' are a effective and simple stepping stone to improving the fueling mixture of any fuel injected KTM by allowing the stock ECU to deliver a smoother and richer mixture at low to mid RPMs.

    The Rottweiler Performance 'Fueling Dongles' are a effective and simple stepping stone to improving the fueling mixture of any fuel injected KTM by allowing the stock ECU to deliver a proper mixture at low to mid RPMs. By replacing the stock narrow band O2 plugs with these simple to install pre wired plugs, the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles trick the stock ECU into receiving a pre tuned custom signal that has been proven to substantially smooth out the lower end power delivery reducing the jerky transition between the extremely lean low RPM mapping and the open loop upper end mapping. Overall average air fuel ratios also tend to richen up by about 3/4 of a percent as well allowing the user an inexpensive option to 'bump up' the richness of their fuel delivery if the cost of a Powercommander is not currently an option for them.

    Rottweiler Fueling Dongles work very much the same as the 'O2 Eliminators' that typically come with Powercommander piggy back ECUs. The customer should be made aware that they do not need these dongles if they are also purchasing a Powercommander. Tests have shown that average AFRs (air fuel ratios) richen up almost a full point when using the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles. They come in pairs. One for each cylinder and plug into the electrical harness replacing the stock O2s. They can leave the stock O2s in or plug them with 18mm plugs (990s) or 12mm plugs (1190/1290 2014 bikes)

    The Rottweiler Intake System Pre-Filters allow the user to add another protective layer of filtering media and the ability to clean and swap to a clean pre filter in minutes.

    The Rottweiler Intake System Filter is a completely re-usable foam element that can be serviced regularly like any typical foam filter with one exception, the filter's cage is built into the element itself making servicing slightly more difficult as you cannot "squeeze" the filter. Pre-filters aid in regular service intervals for the more dirt oriented KTM crowd and can be swapped out very quickly leaving a relatively clean base filter element. As with any foam element filter, the less it is cleaned, the longer it will last and since the base filter of the Rottweiler is an expensive part, it makes more sense to clean the cheaper pre-filters more often. Recommended swapping pre filters 5 to 10 times depending on use for every one base filter service.

    Choose "RED" for 40 cell standard - Choose "GREY" for 60 cell extra filtering

    All Rottweiler filter systems are designed to incorporate the use of filter oil in order to maintain filter effectiveness. Failure to use filter oil in conjunction with our filter systems will significantly decrease their effectiveness. CPR Fabrications recommends the use of NO-TOIL Oils for all filter applications. NO-TOIL OIL is water soluble. Maintenance requires only water and a mild detergent cleaner that is included in the kit along with grease for the rim of the filter.

    PC Racing Filter Skins can be used and will mostly be desired starting with the SE models.

    The Rottweiler Performance "Snap Out Bracket" allows the user to change their Rottweiler Intake filter or pre-filter in under one minute by altering the attachment method.

    With the ease of maintenance and accessibility the Rottweiler Intake System creates with its quick removal filter and pre-filters, there was one more hurdle... the dreaded glove box and it's evil 12 screws on all KTM Adventure models. With the 304 stainless steel laser cut "Snap Out" bracket installed, you can now have your glove box securely attached and yet have it removed in 5 seconds anytime you wish. Swapping Rottweiler pre-filters becomes a matter of less than one minute start to finish and getting your Rottweiler Intake Filter out for cleaning is a snap. Not to mention getting to your throttle bodies or carbs for tuning or jetting with the use of only one screwdriver. That's it! The "Snap Out" uses one quarter turn Dzus fastener that has been commonly used on aircraft for decades so it is extremely secure and will never accidentally come loose. The "Snap Out" also works with the stock air box in place as well. Fits all years KTM Adventure 990 and 950. 2003-2006 950's require the "ECU" kit with a small bracket to lower the ECU under the glove box just enough to clear the bracket.

    The Rottweiler "Snap Out" bracket is a precision laser cut stainless steel device that slips underneath the upper fuel tank mounts and replaces the bolts that hold the glove box on with locating post and screws. It then requires the drilling of one 3/4 hole and two 1/8 holes in the glove box. this is best done with inexpensive step drills that can be commonly found at Home Depot or Harbor Freight. This is a very popular product that can be sold as a companion to the Rottweiler Intake System or on its own for faster stock airbox access.

    The Rottweiler Performance "Dog House" utilizes the leftover space when the stock airbox is removed with the addition of a Rottweiler Intake System and adds 116 cubic inches of highly valued extra storage space which is automatically sealed when the seat is re-installed.

    NOTE: The "Dog House" cargo box will only fit with the Rottweiler Intake System fitted. It will not fit with the stock airbox. Installation of the Rottweiler Intake System not only adds 8-10 horsepower and drops 3.2 lbs, it also creates an enormous amount of room left over in the engine compartment that is perfect for additional storage. Rottweiler Performance has created this additional storage compartment that is housed right behind the Rottweiler Filter element and the bottom of your seat pan becomes the lid sealing up against the rubber trim with a perfectly formed fit and your cargo is safely stored under lock and key as the seat need a key to remove it. If your Adventure has ABS, you have no use of the storage box and the Dog House will give that back. If you do not have ABS, you have now doubled your under-seat storage.

    The Rottweiler "Dog House" is a folded aluminum cargo box that fits in the space created behind the Rottweiler Intake Filter. It uses 3 high temperature long lasting cushion loop clamps on the frame to secure it and leaves no marks and takes no modification other than the install of a Rottweiler Intake System. The rubber trim seal form fits to the shape of the bottom of the seat pan securing all of the contents. The seat lock secures the contents. We suggest that items that can melt at 200 deg F not be stored in this box as it can get quite hot being above the cylinder head.

    This is a very popular "trio" of parts when included with the Rottweiler Intake and Snap Out. Quite often they are purchased together as a kit that works seamlessly in conjunction with one another.

    The Rottweiler Performance "SAS Block Off Kits" contain all the necessary hardware to seal up the ports on the cylinder heads when the removal of the emissions system is desired, effectively dropping an additional 2.6 lbs.

  • Stage 1 Kit consists of 2 aluminum plates that are used to block off the smog systems on all KTM big twin motorcycles.
  • Stage 2 kit adds and air-box plug kit and two engine light killer dongles for when the SAS and evap canisters are removed from the wiring harness.
  • Stage 3 kit further adds to the S2 kit a Tygon hose kit for fuel tank vents and throttle body balancing will all necessary hardware. It is best used on Adventure 950-990 bikes as there is a lack of long stock hose pieces.
  • Removing the SAS system does 3 things. Dumps over 2.7 pounds off your bike, cleans up the look of your engine compartment and reduces backfiring. Not to mention gets rid of allot of junk in your trunk. Highly recommended with the addition of the Rottweiler Intake system. Rottweiler Block Off Plates are anodized black with the 'R' logo machined into them creating a beautifully finished piece that adorns the engine with Rottweiler pride.

    The Rottweiler SAS Plates are not necessary for the installation of a Rottweiler Intake System but are highly recommended as a generally good modification to the KTM as the smog equipment is generally cumbersome and annoying. If the customer wishes to keep the SAS valve or does not want to perform the removal, the SAS valve can be zip tied to the frame and all hoses can remain where they are located in stock trim. The inlet that routed to where the stock air-box used to be must then be filtered.

    The Rottweiler Quick Flip Mirror Mounts are a whole new way to mount foldable mirrors to a motorcycle with hand guards and will allow the user a better forward field of vision, multiple rear viewing angle options, fold away crash resistance and are the highest quality / clearest options available on the market today.

    The Rottweiler Performance Quick Flip Mirror Mounts have given KTM riders another very unique way to mount rear view mirrors. Stock mirrors can be large and obtrusive, blocking forward viewing, as well as another item to break off in a crash. Other aftermarket mirrors tend to vibrate and lose their positions easily and when folded for off road you lose the ability to use them at all. The Rottweiler Quick Flip Mirror Mounts have been designed to give you the ability to surpass all of the above and have the best of both worlds. We first started with the highest quality rear view mirrors on the market made by CRG. We then crafted a way to attach them (QF-MM) in a place that allows the rider multiple viewing and protection angles offering more options than ever before. Add to this the least vibrating mirror on the market and you have a winning combination. CRG mirrors feature replaceable real crystal clear glass and billet aluminum construction making them the best looking strongest mirrors available.

    The Arrow Kits and Hindsight Kits come complete with 2 Quick Flip Mirror Mounts and a set of CRG mirrors x 2. The Rottweiler Quick Flip Mirror Mounts have been designed to work very well with the stock KTM hand guards and come with a 1:1 drill template to affix the QF-MM mounts. 2 holes on each hand guard must be drilled. They do not come with a drill. The QF-MM-XXX mounts may work on other models well and are designed for the customer to 'use their imagination' on where they opt to mount them if not using the stock KTM hand guards. We have seen many customers successfully attach them to many different styles of guards. The customer should be warned that these mounts are designed to be generic if not used in conjunction with KTM hand guards specifically.